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Management Services

Managing your business or brand can be challenging! SH Management provides the bandwidth for assistance with directly managing the day-to-day processes of your business. This includes:

  • General Management of Brands and Facilities
  • License Management
  • Staff Training Management
  • Industry Law and Compliance Management
  • Social Media and Website Management

And that is truly just the beginning. SH Management Services has a diverse knowledgebase to manage every aspect of our client’s business. We can build a Custom Management Plan designed for your unique needs and products.


Other Services


SH Management Services provides expert consulting advice to guide you through the treacherous (but fun!) journey of launching your cannabis brand. You will have the SH Management Team right by your side offering you and your team industry-expert advice and helping you build your own network of support. We will assist you with all stages of brand and business development – this includes: developing your branding concepts, solidifying your target audience, coaching you through the logistics of the backend of business ownership, and providing you with the tools to make your canna-brand stand out from the rest!

Looking for assistance in something other than a cannabis brand or product? Perhaps you are ready to launch your own medical or adult-use dispensary? Or do you have an ancillary company that needs more exposure or help transitioning to the cannabis space? We still have you covered!

SH Management Services can assist you in the steps to acquiring state licensing and familiarizing you with permit requirements. We provide expert advice on zoning laws that are unique to each state, compliance officer training, and litigation support. Our team can also offer specialized counseling in how to make your existing brand in ANY industry relevant to the booming cannabis industry.

There’s no better time

Investment Opportunities

With the Cannabis Industry growth in full swing, SH Management Services is expanding by the day! With plans and projects that involve national and international expansion, our organization is at the forefront of discovering new investment opportunities to help all of our clients grow with us. While SH Management is currently a privately-owned conglomerate, we are currently accepting private investments with competitive returns.

We help you grow at every stage

Projects From Seed to Sale

SHMS can provide you with comprehensive guidance during every phase of your canna-business development.

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